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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design, also known as DSD, is a groundbreaking advanced cosmetic dental procedure developed by Dr. Christian Coachman from Brazil. It involves the use of veneers made based on your physical appearance and has molds and videos to show you how your smile will be before the treatment is done.

This concept has the purpose of assisting our dentists in three aspects:

  1. Improve aesthetic planning and smile design
  2. Enhance the communication among the participating specialists
  3. Increase doctor-patient interaction and participation in the design process and educating the patients about the benefits, therefore, increasing the chances of acceptance.

Digital Smile Design is a process where your dental and facial records are taken and analysed. It includes digital photography, dynamic video recording and advanced software analysis of the records to enable the specialist to design and present an acceptable design for action. A mold from the design is placed over the patient’s teeth for a trial; this requires no tooth preparation.

Why is Digital Smile Design important?

As patients continue to have an increased aesthetic awareness, Digital Smile Design gets more important. This means patients are increasingly demanding more natural results that can fit their face to create harmony and is appropriate for their age, sex, and race. It is the most advanced cosmetic dentistry with a natural appeal. It creates a natural arrangement of teeth to reflect the perfect natural imperfection. Several characteristics must be considered to create the perfect natural teeth and textured ceramic surface.

Patients have the opportunity to test drive their prospective smile before any invasive treatment can begin. When a patient is comfortable with the proposed aesthetic changes to his dentistry, they will be more at peace, having seen the results. No more going into a procedure purely based on blind faith that the dentist knows what you desire. This minimises the instances of redoing the procedure since everything will go on as designed and approved.

This treatment allows the doctor to practice extreme conservativeness when doing tooth preparation. When the desired outcome is defined, only the required amount of the tooth will be removed during tooth preparation to achieve the desired results. The old system had it the other way round, cut teeth first, then build the restorations to fit the cut. With a Digital Smile Design, there is no risk of tooth over preparation. The ceramist is aware of the design and requirements and only prepares the desired shape from the molds.

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What is the process of DSD?

To achieve the expectations of the more demanding patients, Our dentists requires going beyond the traditional and using Digital Smile Design to give the patients a natural smile. This concept provides our dentists with a better visualisation of the problem and provides insights about the best solutions,

This procedure requires teamwork and adequate communication with the patient and among the specialists in the team.

  • Step 1 – On the initial visit, one of the practitioners will examine your smile and discuss with you the expected goals. We will consider your x-rays and create a video to map your smile appearance fully. This will help in visualizing your lip and jaw motion and identify if you have any problems with jaw function and bite alignment.
  • Step 2 – Your Digital Smile Design will be displayed as the specialist discusses with you about the shape of your smile. This includes the individual shape of your teeth, and how it affects your treatment.
  • Step 3 – We will then take a mold of your teeth and make a cast that fits perfectly into your mouth.
  • Step 4 – A physical representation of what your smile could look like is then built using special dental materials. Some patients prefer to take this representation home to share with family members to get their opinions and think more about the treatment.
  • Step 5 – Once you have made up your mind to proceed with the treatment, you can organize to have the veneers fitted. Before your appointment, the porcelain veneers will be made from the molds of your smile. Teeth preparations are required before the bonding session; this ensures the veneers adhere correctly and firmly to the teeth.

Your NEW Smile is ready!

At the end of this appointment, you will have the new beautiful smile to show the world. The specially made veneers are designed to fit your smile perfectly. It allows you to smile, speak, and chew naturally and comfortably.

At Smile markers, we are convinced that this aesthetic test drive is the best thing for you and serves as the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry. It applies to a single tooth or complex full-mouth rehabilitation treatment.

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Digital technology meets design to create stunning outcomes

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