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Dental Pain

Dental emergencies are known to often occur without warning and when least expected. And this is where emergency dentist comes in. While all emergency dentists are actually dentists, not all dentists offer emergency dental service. This is why it is important to find out earlier – particularly if you are a parent.

Basically, any kind of dental issue requiring immediate treatment so as to save a tooth, end ongoing tissue bleeding, or relieve acute pain is regarded as a dental emergency.

The following could be a dental emergency:

  • Bleeding (trauma to the mouth)
  • An accident that involves damage to the mouth or teeth
  • Dental pain (for instance in the teeth, mouth, gum and jaw)
  • Facial swelling

The main objective of the emergency dentist is to address the pain concerns and ensure that the injured teeth plus neighbouring soft tissue are stabilized, stopping additional damage.

Often, these are short-term fixes that allow adequate time for a permanent repair to be done later. For instance, if a root canal treatment is needed, the emergency dentist may ease the pain symptoms by removing nerve tissue. However, he or she will actually instruct the patient to get in touch with their regular dentist so that they can perform the complete procedure.

At Smilemakers, we are highly experienced in handling difficult emergency cases such as failed root canals, trauma in kids, as well as wide ranging dental trauma in adults.

A toothache is the most common reason for individuals looking for emergency dental care. Dental pain can be very devastating and the good news is that after visiting Smilemakers, patients discover that their distress and pain are relieved and they are able to carry on with their normal daily routine.

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Do you have a Broken, Chipped, Fractured or Cracked Tooth?

Damaged and broken teeth can actually be saved. They always need the quick intervention of a dentist, and there are several ways they can be restored.

There are a number of general treatment options available for broken, cracked or dislocated teeth.

They include:

There is the danger of permanent damage to the tooth or teeth that have either been knocked out, dislodged (i.e. moved backward or forward, or pushed in), or fragmented. Nerves could be exposed and aesthetics also compromised. This is why it is important to see a dentist in order to lessen sensitivity, reduce or prevent bacteria from infecting your nerves, and restore your looks.

Regardless of the treatment required, it is crucial to seek treatment before things like infection begins to spread or irreversible harm is caused to your teeth, gums or mouth.

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Toothache and Dental Pain

Toothache and dental pain are conditions which can be triggered by several different factors. There are three main causes of toothache and dental pain. They include:

Tooth decay – This ensues the moment the bacteria reaches the roots of the teeth, causing an abscess

Cracked Tooth or Filling – An uncovered nerve can lead to an abscess and excruciating pain

Gum Disease – There are several ways in which gum disease can trigger tooth pain, particularly if it is not treated and it progresses into periodontitis

Although there could be other possible factors, the above are the most common causes of toothache and dental pain.
Dental pain treatment options available include:

For starters, it will be necessary to discuss your dental history with us. We will then perform a quick x-ray examination plus further tests on the mouth gums, jaw, throat or sinuses in order to establish the actual cause before any treatment can be done.

At Smilemakers we provide emergency dentist service and our team is dedicated to providing top-notch personalized dental care for all our patients.

Although many of our emergency patients are too nervous, our staff always try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t leave your dental problems unattended for too long and allow pain and infection to build up. This can become serious and risky to the point of necessitating hospitalisation.

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