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Inman Aligners

Inman aligners are used to treat the front teeth only. Crooked or misaligned teeth are very embarrassing during smiling and they create a sense of under confidence during one’s routine life activities. Apart from all the other problems, one faces including troubles in normal occlusion, difficulty in maintaining daily oral hygiene and food impaction in the case of crooked teeth, aesthetics is the most important cause that usually gets patients to the orthodontist’s office. As a consequence, the first thing that patients need, is the correction of their misaligned teeth to get better aesthetics in a short interval of time.

There are many treatment options available for smile correction at our office but many of the orthodontic treatment options are time taking and costly. The Inman Aligner is the best option in such kind of patients as this treatment is aimed at getting desired results in a very short period of 2 to 4 months. They work so efficiently and rapidly that you get the results in much quicker times as compared to other available orthodontic treatment options. The treatment time with Inman Aligners is usually up to five to seven times shorter than the span usually needed for conventional braces. It depends on the severity of misalignment of the teeth but it takes much lesser time in comparison to the time needed for conventional braces.

How Inman Aligners Work?

The crooked or misaligned teeth are pushed back to their desired position with the help of a coiled spring placed behind the teeth and supported by a metallic bar on the front side of the teeth. The aligner is capable of easily removing during food intake and cleaning of teeth and more comfortable for the patient to adjust with. There is lesser metal use in this aligner that makes it easier and more compatible in the mouth.

Why Choose Inman Aligners?

Following are some of the benefits of Inman aligners over traditional braces:

  • Minimally visible
  • More comfortable for the patient as they are easy to remove
  • Better oral hygiene maintenance during treatment
  • Much lesser treatment time with quicker results in comparison to traditional braces
  • Less metal is used in their making so better patient compliance
  • Also correct overbite and underbite

Cost of Inman Aligners:

The cost of Inman Aligner depends on the severity of misalignment and the idea of how much time the treatment is going to take. Teeth with a lesser degree of misalignment will take much lesser time than the ones that are more crooked. Generally, the cost for Inman Aligners ranges from $1500.00 to $3500.00.

An efficient way to straighten front teeth

Commonly, the patients with Inman Aligners get results within seven to fifteen weeks of treatment. Patients are advised to wear the aligners for twenty hours a day for the best results. The exact duration of your treatment depends on the case that how crowded your teeth are.

Call us to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist and learn more about the procedure, it’s specified and if this treatment is good for you.

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