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Laser dentistry represents some of the best and most sophisticated developments in modern dentistry. Not only is it safer than older dental procedures, it is also less invasive, more efficient and more comfortable.

In fact, laser dentistry procedures can be used on all almost any part of the teeth and gums, including hard and soft tissues. Furthermore, they can also be used to treat all kinds of dental problems, including tooth decay, gum disease as well as infected teeth and gums. In certain cases, laser dentistry can also be used to prepare the surrounding enamel for fillings, reshape gums or remove bacteria in preparation for root canal procedures.

At Smilemakers, we have incorporated the latest dental laser technology in all of our services, thus reducing our patient’s bleeding, anxiety, pain and post-treatment recovery.

Additionally, our dental lasers also have antibacterial and antiviral applications, both of which are useful for root canals, gum infection treatments, wisdom teeth extractions, baby tongue tie and lip tie surgery and many others procedures.

Laser Tongue Tie & Lip Tie
Laser Periodontal Therapy
Laser Wisdom Teeth Removal

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The Smilemakers name has been serving Perth families for over 20 years. In 2015, our office began operating under new management as it was purchased by Dr Praveen (Principal Dentist). Since then, we’ve continually invested in the best technology possible, to provide gentler, more efficient treatments to people of all ages…