Laser tongue tie & lip tie surgery

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Are you experiencing any difficulties in breastfeeding?

Does your baby wake up and cry once in every one and a half hours?

You need to check if your baby has a lip/tongue tie or not.

What is a lip tie and a tongue tie?

A tongue-tie is when the string of tissue under the tongue is shorter than normal length and is causing a restricted tongue movement. Similarly a lip tie is when a thick band of tissue attaches the lip to the gum causing limited lip movement.

How can a lip tie or tongue tie affect the normal growth of your child?

Your child can face the following problems due to a lip tie or tongue tie

  • Difficulty in breastfeeding
    Due to the lip tie or tongue tie the baby is unable to latch its mouth properly around the nipples. This results in insufficient suction force. The baby is not able to breastfeed and gets hungry after about an hour or so. Generally, these babies will have low body weight and the mothers develop breast problems like bruised nipples or blocked milk ducts.
  • Dental problems
    The lip tie creates a gap in between the teeth. This can turn into a cosmetic problem for a child. The jaw bone can undergo stunted growth due to a tongue tie.
  • Difficulty in speech
    Depending upon the severity of the tongue tie, the speech is affected. Phonetics may be affected in some children as they may not be able to produce sounds like l, r, t and sh.
  • Sleep disturbances
    The position of the tongue in case of a tongue-tie can lead to sleep disturbances like snoring.

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How to know if my child has tongue-tie or lip-tie?

If you have observed any of the above mentioned difficulties in your child or you simply wish to check if your child has tongue tie or not you can ask your child to do the following:

  • Put the tongue out: Check if the child is able to stick his tongue out past the lips or not.
  • Lick a lollipop: Observe if your child is licking an ice-cream without any difficulty or not.
  • Speech problem: Any form of speech defects shown by your child should be dealt with seriously.

You should take your child to your dentist the moment you suspect that your child is having a lip/tongue tie.

What are the consequences of not treating tongue tie/lip tie?

An untreated tongue tie/ lip tie can lead to growth related problems. Gaps between the teeth and defective speech can become a cause for social embarrassment for the child. This may result in low self-esteem and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Benefits of LASER Surgery

Tongue tie/Lip tie can be treated through Laser surgery wherein the string of tissue attached to the lip or tongue is cut with the help of laser instead of a scalpel.

The laser like Fotona Lightwalker evaporate the tissue in a sterile environment within few seconds resulting in minimal bleeding. The tissue heals fast as there is almost no chances of infection after the surgery.

Few other benefits are listed below:

  • Safe in nature: Lasers are one of the safest and most successful options in treating tongue tie/lip ties.
  • No need for general anaesthesia: The whole procedure can be performed through an anaesthetising gel thereby eliminating the need of even a shot of local anaesthesia.
  • Stitch-free: An extremely tiny incision through laser relieves the tension created by the tissue band. Hence, the incision made need no stitches and heals pretty fast.

Advanced Laser assisted Tongue/Lip Tie Treatment

Effective communication, development and self-esteem

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