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Are you in your twenty’s and have experienced pain at the back of your mouth once in a month or two?

Your wisdom teeth may be the true culprit. So what are wisdom teeth?

They are the last four molars that erupt at an approximate age range of 18 to 25 years. They were required by humans in ancient times when humans had to feed on uncooked meat and raw fibrous vegetables. As humans have evolved and shifted to a softer diet, the wisdom teeth have lost their significance. Yet, they erupt in most of the individuals and remain buried in the jawbone in few others.

Why have the wisdom teeth become a nuisance now?

In some individuals, the wisdom teeth erupt partially which means that a part of them remains buried within the gums and bone and the remaining small portion is visible within the mouth. These are called as impacted wisdom teeth and they can pose many dental problems. Owing to their position, they are mostly inaccessible to brushing or flossing. They become storehouse of bacterial activity. This can leads to infection or swelling later on.

The pain while eruption is also unbearable in some individuals. This is due to the lack of space within the mouth. The jaw size may be apt for 28 teeth only and accommodating an extra of 4 becomes truly difficult causing a lot of pain and discomfort.

What are the implications of impacted wisdom teeth on other teeth and conditions?

An impacted wisdom tooth can dissolve the root of the neighbouring tooth which can result in loosening of the adjacent tooth in due course of time.

There are chances for an impacted wisdom tooth to form swelling within the jawbone called cysts.

A partially erupted wisdom tooth is at a greater risk of developing dental decay and remain undetected at the same time due to its position.

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How early treatment can benefit?

As we get older our bones become dense thereby, increasing the difficulty level for wisdom tooth removal. Hence, they should be removed as early as possible especially when they are the primary cause of pain or discomfort. Apart from that a cyst around the impacted wisdom teeth can progress to dangerous forms like tumours as well. The gums covering the partially erupted wisdom teeth become inflamed due to the bacterial activity underneath. Swollen gums can also restrict your mouth opening limit.

How Laser treatment helps and aids in quick healing?

Wisdom teeth removal has become all the more safe and successful through laser equipment like Fotona Lightwalker.

Following are the benefits of laser assisted wisdom teeth removal:

  • Less traumatic – The wisdom teeth are removed in such a way through lasers that there is very little damage to the adjoining bone.
  • Faster healing – Less bone and tissue damage promotes faster healing.
  • Minimal pain and swelling – There is almost no pain or swelling after wisdom teeth extraction through lasers. This is because the lasers kill the bacteria at the surgical site. The wound gets sterilized and there is no chance for infection.
  • Stimulate the tissue growth – The best benefit of lasers is that they stimulate the bone and gums to grow back in its healthy form and function.

Lasers are one of the most advanced treatment options for various dental procedures like wisdom teeth extraction. It is growing in popularity because of the comfort it offers. It’s time to clear our minds from any tell-tale myths about lasers and believe in the success score it promises!

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