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Clear Aligners at Smilemakers

Woman inserting clear alignersMore and more, people are wishing they could make alterations to the look of their smile. Thanks to advances in today’s dentistry, you now have more choices than ever in meeting your particular desired outcomes. At Smilemakers, we work with all ages and people who have a broad array of smile goals.

Many would like to consider orthodontics but don’t want to wear metal braces for up to two years. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional braces, our team can provide it thanks to AIRNIVOL®.

Innovative, Customised Aligners

AIRNIVOL is an orthodontic treatment that consists of a series of aligners. The aligners are transparent, removable and custom-created just for you. With each new set of aligners, your teeth will slowly shift into the proper position. You’ll have a new, harmonious smile at the end of treatment, with maximum comfort along the way.

The numerous advantages of AIRNIVOL include:

  • Delicate — Won’t irritate your gums
  • Discreet — Won’t alter the way you speak
  • Efficient — Short duration of treatment
  • Hygienic — Easy to keep clean
  • Invisible –Transparent and not noticeable
  • Light — Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Safe — Biologic and hypoallergenic
  • Practical — No interruption to your everyday activities
  • Removable — Take them out and put them in their box anytime

The Process of Getting Clear Aligners

Once you have decided that you are interested in AIRNIVOL, there are five simple steps involved.

  • Discuss it with our dentist, Dr Grishma, to determine if you’re a candidate.
  • Have your treatment planned with our 3D viewer.
  • You’ll receive your aligners and begin to wear them.
  • We’ll see you for periodic checkups during your treatment.
  • As long as you follow our directions, the new alignment of your smile is guaranteed!

Gap-Free Consultations

Are you interested in learning more about getting clear aligners Madeley? We’ll evaluate you and determine if you’re a candidate. Contact us today! We provide gap-free appointments. Don’t have health cover? You’ll pay just $69 for your consultation.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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