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Meet Dr Grishma Patel, BDS LOND

Dr Grishma was inspired to become a dentist as she had an early exposure to dentistry through her older sister who was in the profession.

I felt that the mix of problem- solving and people skills was the right fit for me.”

Education and Professional Development

To prepare for her dental career, Dr Grishma earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Guy’s Hospital Dental School in London. She graduated in 1986. Always learning, Dr Grishma’s CPD schedule stays full with a broad spectrum of dentistry courses.

Finding Fulfillment Helping Others

For Dr Grishma, it’s gratifying to be able to alleviate patients’ pain and dispel any fear of dental procedures. She enjoys creating tailored cost-effective solutions to help patients regain and maintain good dental health. “I also like to craft beautiful smiles, which can be achieved in a conservative manner.”

Staying Active in Madeley & Beyond

When she’s not in the office, Dr Grishma likes to keep fit by going for a daily walk first thing in the morning. She also has a passion for cooking, holding dinner parties and exploring new cuisines and travel.

As someone with an adventurous spirit, Dr Grishma was part of a family group that climbed to the peak of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain–“The Mighty Kilimanjaro” in 2018. When she retires in the future, Dr Grishma would like to volunteer as a dentist for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

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